What Social Media Best Practices Does Las Vegas Businesses Use That You Can Apply?


Las Vegas businesses are successfully using Social Media applications today to stay connected with customers; promote their products, services, and brands; and to spread information, news, ideas, collaboration, and anything else that may be of interest regarding Sin City. To ensure Las Vegas venues’ messages reach their intended audience they have learned to apply several Social Media best practices that allow them to capture interest, market share, and promotion of their brand. Social Media best practices can be applied to many platforms such as blog sites, Twitter, Facebook, and other like examples. The following best Social Media practices were commonly used by Las Vegas casinos and resorts regarding their applications:

Have a strategy. Identify who the target audience is; what Social Media medium(s) will you use to communicate with them? and most importantly what is the end state (your vision) of and for your blog.

Have good sufficient content: What are you going to discuss in order to interest people to visit and respond to your site? Is your topic current and relevant? Will your subject be open ended? Will others want to talk about or comment on it? Many of these previous and like questions need to be considered when regarding the content and context of what will be blogged or commented on. Perhaps, the biggest questions you will have to ask yourself is will there be enough to write about (sustained duration)?

Tell a story. Use appropriate language and a creative writing style that the reader will understand and most importantly, keep him or her coming back for more. If promoting an idea, product, service, or brand, what will be the take away for the reader? Will it excite and get them ready for the “experience”? Most of all, be yourself. This simply means to have fun and be genuine. Your readers will be able to tell.

Use key words and Hashtags. A lot of topics get searched for on the internet and those topics consist of words. When writing, make every attempt to use key words that are likely to be used in search optimization. Ensure to use alternate (like) words and make sure they are “tagged” so that they can be found. Use Hashtags so others can find your message in a subject or theme.

Use pictures and videos. Always try and make use of visual and audio to enhance your reader beyond what he or she is comprehending in your comment. Videos and pictures are a great way to show them the “experience”. Take a look at the Wynn Casino and Resort Tour video, this is an excellent example. After watching, I can’t wait until my next visit.

Post routinely. Nobody wants to follow a blog or Twitter account that has minimal comments or irregular postings. Having a schedule and frequency will allow followers to return that can expect to see the new ideas or comments you have to share. If posting is time consuming, make use of posting tools that can assist such as Hootsuite. You can have your posts already written and schedule the date(s) you want them posted.

Respond to comments: It is always good etiquette to respond back. Why ask for or allow comments if you won’t take the time to answer them? Perhaps, more importantly why blog or Tweet if you don’t want a reaction by your reader(s)? Responding to a comment will not only get a dialog going it will draw others to you and expand your following. Simply put, no one wants to follow someone who does not have the courtesy and respect to take the time and communicate back.

What do you think the top three best practices should always be for Social Media?

Do you think it is appropriate to not respond to a good respectful comment?

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What Risks and Challenges Do Las Vegas Venues Face By Not Using Social Media?

Las Vegas is without a doubt a mecca of the largest resorts, casinos, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, and nightclubs in the United States, if not in the world. With so many 24 hour attractions to see and places to visit it is unbelievable how fast time will go by regardless of the length of your stay. Because there is so much to do and see in Las Vegas, competition amongst the businesses is fast and fierce. Every hour of everyday there is a David verses Goliath or an Army tank on tank battle occurring between similar venues. Each opponent hoping to win over new customers and maintain the loyalty of their most valued patrons.


Why Should Vegas Venues Take Their Brand Social?

In today’s technological atmosphere there are numerous social websites, applications, and mobile devices that are exchanging communication and data at an unbelievable rate. Las Vegas is one of the top tourist and gambling destinations in the world. In 2014 the city grossed over 17 billion dollars of gaming revenue from its 41 million tourists and locals between the Strip, Clark County, Boulder Strip, and downtown (Freemont). Interestingly, today gaming revenue accounts for approximately 35% of all revenue earned while the remaining 65% comes from non-gaming activities and expenditures such as hotels, clubs, meals, shopping, and shows. Therefore, Las Vegas businesses should be making every opportunity to take their brands social in hopes of building relationships, communities, and brand recognition. Today’s consumers want to know what their experience will be like before spending a single cent. The power of Social Media can capture this experience through visual, audio, and more importantly through a community of similar people that are able to express and relate their own expectations and experiences.

Risks Las Vegas Businesses Face by Not Taking their Brand Social

Perhaps, the biggest risk Las Vegas venues (legitimate) face by not taking their brand social is that they will get lost in the crowd and lose out on profits and opportunities. There is without a doubt an overwhelming competition amongst the similar services or products in Vegas. With so many various similar brands to choose from, how does a consumer know which one is better suited for his or her experience? Another risk, is the longer a business takes to decide on using social media, the further behind it falls from the competition who is using it. Brand awareness and recognition takes time. It does not happen overnight.

Challenges Faced When Deciding to Expose the Brand Via Social Media

Therefore, venues who are willing to utilize social media will likely face the challenge of determining the right platform(s) that will be used to deliver the message (target audience). With applications such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, MySpace, Snapchat and many more, choosing the right medium or group of applications will determine the success of brand exposure and more importantly, the message that is being sent. Once the platform(s) are selected the next obstacle is to ensure that the message is tailored correctly. Without a well thought out message (that enforces brand consistency), the intended communication (experience) will not only be improperly reflected or translated, but will likely generate little interest or could even have an adverse effect. In my opinion, the key to a brand’s message is how it will be received and understood. This includes the envisioned feedback that the business would like to transpire before, during, and after the experience.

What do you think about Las Vegas venues using social media to promote their brand?

Why would a legitimate Las Vegas venue not want to take its brand social?

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Las Vegas Social Media = Discounts or Free Hotels, Food, and Entertainment!

Play Your Mobile Device for Free Las Vegas Comps and Discounts

Are you one of those adults that are fascinated with Las Vegas or are just curious about the many crazy stories that you heard about? Perhaps, you like to gamble, eat at fine dining, see live performers or just embody yourself in a crazy timeless atmosphere? Either way, Las Vegas has a lot to offer for people of all ages and walks of life. It is perhaps, the most entertaining and hippest city in the world.

If you are one of those individuals who like to stay connected with Las Vegas happenings and are lured to the entertainment of adult gaming and action, there is a social mobile game application that may interest you called myVEGAS Slots or myVEGAS Blackjack. These mobile applications allows the user to play an assortment of slot machines or Blackjack in which Loyalty Points are earned based on luck, skill, and time played. These points can be spent on cost saving discounts or free offers for amenities such as casino and resort rooms, meals, club entry, travel, retail shopping, and entertainment shows. According to myVEGAS, it has partnered with some of the biggest brand names in Las Vegas in order to bring its customers the most extensive collection of real world rewards ever offered in a social game. From what I have seen so far, it is impressive.

How myVEGAS Works

myVEGAS mobile applications operate rather simply. Once downloaded the user will receive play credits (chips) that allow him or her to earn loyalty points based on the size of bet regardless of winning or losing. One can chose slots or Blackjack to play. The application does allow for in-game purchases so the user can buy more chips; however, it is not necessary. If one uses up all of his or her free initial chips he or she may wait 24 hours (or buy more) and will receive another free chip deposit. The higher the Loyalty Points earned allows for a greater selection of redeemable perks.

The Benefits of myVEGAS for Las Vegas Partnered Venues

CapturePerhaps, the biggest benefit of myVEGAS mobile applications is that it drives its users to the many named Las Vegas brand hotels, entertainment shows, dining establishments, casinos, shopping, and clubbing venues which it has partnered with. As the user earns his or her Loyalty Points, he or she will eventually check out the various perks being offered from these businesses; therefore, being exposed to advertisement. Furthermore, as perks are redeemed the user will receive exposure to the brand and hopefully (with a positive experience) will consider it on his or her next trip to Las Vegas. More importantly comment on his or her experience for others to read. Furthermore, should a user be intrigued by a perk (in general) he or she can visit the brand website. A benefit of some of the comps and perks is that it can save money on a trip, provides exposure to new brands, and can enhance the Las Vegas experience. If one is really lucky he or she may even get a free trip to Sin City.

In my opinion, this is an excellent Las Vegas venue partnership strategy for Play Studios (application developer). Play Studios not only earns revenue from in-game purchases, but also in the form of advertisement profits from its business partners. Play Studios is also making great use of Facebook and Twitter by keeping users and followers engaged as they comment on Las Vegas, new slot machine games, loyalty points, and drawings. As of today, there are over 3.2 million likes on Facebook and 24k followers on Twitter.

What do you like about myVEGAS?

Do you think this is a good way to drive customers to Las Vegas venues?

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Las Vegas, Its Entertainment Venues, and Social Media Today


One of my favorite vacation destinations in the world is the fabulous city of Las Vegas. I have traveled the world and have yet to come across a city that is as entertaining, overwhelming, and just plain crazy. Las Vegas is best known for gambling, entertainment, partying, and its nickname – Sin City. However, in recent years Las Vegas has been going through a significant change in earning revenue and bringing in tourism.

Gambling profits for Vegas casinos and resorts have drawn down significantly due to the recent recession and competition of local gaming establishments including Macau. In other words, people no longer have to travel to Vegas when they can have the same experience closer to home. Furthermore, most people today are not willing to spend their earnings or a heavy bankroll on gambling. However, they are willing to pay premium prices for entertainment and other social activities. For example, club revenue is starting to account for significant profits in Vegas. A person that use to spend a few hundred dollars on gambling is now spending several hundred dollars on VIP treatment and drinks at popular clubs. Oddly enough, this is the same special treatment or amount spent on comps (perks) that he or she would have received gambling. Furthermore, people are willing to spend more money for extravagant hotels and dinning. Unlike in the past these were inexpensive (or free in some cases) in order to lure people to gamble which made up for any losses. This is not the case today.


Why Social Media is Beneficial to Las Vegas

Because Las Vegas is such a crazy city with so much to see, do, and experience it makes sense that it is a playground for Social Media activities and opportunities. From my experience, most visitors come to Vegas in search of or wanting some type of adventure (experience). This can simply be to try and win money, hook-up, see a show, attend a business meeting, or attend a convention. Therefore, this makes Social Media an excellent tool that can capture what to expect prior, during, and after a trip to Sin City. At the moment, there are many Social Media applications that can communicate information about Las Vegas such as where are the best parties, gaming tables, shows, restaurants, hotel rooms, adult clubs, and other like examples. These applications are great, but perhaps more important is the use and competition of Social Media to get customers in the door to the plethora of venues available.

At the moment, casinos, resorts, hotels, restaurants, and related businesses are developing and reinventing ways to use social media. Primary strategy is to build up customer expectations before arrival, their experience during the stay, and brand loyalty after their trip. Including Twitter and Facebook, most of them offer exclusive deals or discounts through their own applications such as Mlife, Redcard, or other mobile loyalty programs. Vegas venues often use a specific theme by showing people why they want to come and patron them through videos, pictures, and true experiences. Social Media is definitely shaping the way Las Vegas is being branded and how each casino, resort, hotel, and entertainment venue is competing with one another to entice new and loyal customers.

Las Vegas Social Media Improvements

Something that I found surprising is that there are very few YouTube postings (as advertisements) or stories on the mega casino/resorts, clubs, gaming, or entertainment venues. Why would Las Vegas venues not want to use the second most used search engine to self-promote? I’m surprised a business would not want to take advantage of this and capture what it wants its customers to know, be prepared to experience, or reminisce of in fond memory. I believe if a business has a good brand, then it should find new ways of promoting; especially, when mobile and social visual/audio is available and growing in popularity.

Through your Social Media applications, what would you like to know or see about Las Vegas?

Do you think YouTube is a good idea for a business to build its brand?

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What Is Social Media?

Social Media is an advancing technological engagement tool that allows instant communication and feedback between individuals, groups, or communities of people that share the same interest or commonality. Social Media is used to exchange and share information and ideas, collaborate, and express one’s self through meaningful thoughts and or artistic expression. Currently, this can be accomplished through several means such as posts, blogs, videos, music, photos, voice recordings, broadcasts, or any other similar means. At the moment, there are numerous Social Media applications that are available for use depending on the desired engagement platform or target audience. Perhaps, two of the most popular Social Media applications are Twitter and Facebook. Both are extremely popular amongst both the younger and older generations alike and are a name brand amongst the Social Media community.

Twitter is a Social Network service that allows individuals to connect with one another through a short message known as a “Tweet”. Twitter users start conversation topics to inform and let others know what is going on. One of the nice applications of Twitter is its instant communication and feedback. A Tweet is no more than 140 characters long in which the sender sends out a short message to communicate his or her thoughts, ideas, pictures, and posts, just to name a few examples. Depending on those who subscribed to the sender already in the topic will receive the Tweet and is able to engage in communication or pass (share) the information (Retweet) to others who may also find interest in the Tweet or topic. As the Tweet and similar posts gain popularity they can be grouped through a hashtag (#) so that the topic can be found easier and participated in by others. For example, #SeattleSeahawks will have tweets regarding the football team. In Twitter, a word, phrase or topic that is mentioned frequently at a high rate is called a “trending topic”. Most Twitter users who start a Tweet would want to have a trending topic. Of course, as long as it highlights good points and benefits them. However, if it’s the opposite, it can have a detrimental effect. An example is VW and the recent emission scandal.

Facebook is a simple Social Network that allows users to create a personal profile that allows them to search, find, and add family, friends, and social groups, in order to send messages, communicate, and stay in touch. Facebook is perhaps the most well-known (if not most popular) social media application. Facebook was originally created for college students to connect with one another and since its conception has grown to over one billion users world-wide. Perhaps, the popularity of this Social Media is due to its easy use and practicality which makes it popular for all age groups and businesses.

If you use Twitter, what do you like to Tweet about on a regular basis?

If you use Facebook, what is your favorite way to use it?

If Twitter and Facebook is not your preferred Social Media, which application is?

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